Saturday, 21 April 2012

What Indian Techies Fake in Resumes?

Are you confused to draft your resume? Well, you might have read many articles on the biggest mistakes to avoid while writing your resume, the important things to mention in your resume and so on. Yeah, as you heard it may take just 15 seconds for your hiring manager to analyze your resume. It is hard to guess whether your CV will survive. But the question lies here, have you lied on your resume? Nowadays, fudging CVs is seen globally and then what about the scenario in India?

‘Background Screening Trends of India’, one of the studies conducted in April to June 2011 by First Advantage, a global risk mitigation firm said 96 of 1000 background screenings done in India were found to have fake information or exaggerated information. Well, it is well-known secret that most of you have faked your resumes and it is one of the biggest challenges corporate world faces. Though, some are well placed with their faking details, the trend cannot be encouraged as someday it can land you in a soup.  So, it is sensible for you to not push your fate. Today, most of the employers have started to perform heavy cross checking through references for screening out fake CVs. You might not be caught the first time, but you should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be safe every time.

Will your fudged resume cost you a job or drop your job? Do you want to live in the fear of your faked resume? What Indian techies are most likely to fake in Resume? Showing better compensation in the previous work, extended dates of past employment and even fake jobs to cover gaps in employment history are some major falsifications found in resumes. Mentioning better job titles and responsibilities managed, excluding previous jobs to mask bad employment history and falsifying explanations of leaving earlier jobs are another bunch of lies in CVs. There are many other areas of where you tempted to fudge in resumes, the major areas where you should not fake in your resume but unfortunately most of the techies lie about are:  


For a better remuneration from their prospective employer most of the job seekers tempted to fake their compensation and bonus packages. Even though the salary figures should be highly confidential, your hiring manager can still find some ways to cross check the numbers with your past HR personnel. The highest rated pay package depends on your job profile and the company you work for. You cannot fool your prospective employer in a larger extent. When you fake the details, better to keep in mind that your resume will be thoroughly screened after selection. If any information turns out to be inflated, employment will be invalidated.

Academic Qualifications and Trained Skills:

One of another major falsifying detail is about education and skills. It is one of the major disasters which Indian colleges and universities still create. Lack of centralized databases helps many of the job applicants to fake their education details.  Fabricating degrees or manipulating certificates are few of the cheapest tricks Indians follow to get hired. Covering up the failures in academy education is another faked details most of the job applicants tend to submit. But, today the possibilities gets minimum as the corporate world recognizes the possibilities of faked education documents can be made so easily, most of the jobs demand skill based tests for indisputably select the candidate. Do you think you can stand firm with faked educational details?

Job profiles:

Are you not aware of even your minute job details will be scanned? Yeah, you should mind the very details you submit in your job profile. Even the faked tasks and responsibilities you mentioned in resume can harm your profession. According to the researches done, most of the associate level individuals are faking their resumes in a large extent. Your job tasks and responsibilities might not be cross checked in junior level positions; it will be getting more prioritized when you reach a senior level position. Though you are not caught, your employer will tag you among those who can be easily inclined to get something done in a dishonest way.

Employment Tenures:

Most of the job seekers are reportedly said to false their employment tenures to hide the gap between their date of graduation and the date of employment or to cover up the gaps of employment. If you are one among them who tends to lengthen your employment tenure by thinking that employment gaps looks odd,  be careful your hiring manager knows that an employment gap in your career graph is not abnormal. Then, why should you want to lie? Getting a job is not easy in this competitive job market, everyone knows. Why do you want to fake your internships being a fresher? It is always better to be trustworthy to say why you needed a break and what you have attained during that time in a career perspective.

Designations and Titles:

Well, you might be fascinated to hide your junior level job title when you approach your future employer. Even the minute details which you thought that they may not care about will be screened to analyze. More than your incredible academic background, your honesty will be counted by HR personnel. You might be worked as junior network engineer and tempted to drop ‘junior’ from your job title when mentioning in resume. If you manipulated a designation for a job, you will not be treasured anywhere. 

On other hand, still it leaves a question to think how this people surviving in biggest challenging corporate world! Well, probably when the time comes they will be thrashed away with their faked professional details.

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