Sunday, 15 April 2012

Audi Q3 – Car Review

Everyone knows popular luxurious sedan German engineering motor company Audi. The German engineering expert is going to steal the hearts of high end car lovers with all new third generation of Q family of Audi series is going create huge impact on the Indian automobile market. The Q series family of Audi Motors going to represent the SUV technology efficiency and range once again in the world auto market , with the Q7 technology at the at the high range efficiency ,the all the new Q3 family is coming as a model In between the model of the same Q5 and Q7 models of the same Q family of Audi.

This Q3 is typically a grand look representing of the unique Audi’s great looking grill design which is highly noticeable of Audi car family as well as the beautiful lamp designs with the catchy design on the top of Wedge type designed Audi lamps .LED jewels which steals every ones attention towards its design makes everyone to easily identifiable Audi Trademark design .The stylish and elegant looks of the Q3 family of Audi is creating a high level profile to Audi’s market in the world with its Extraordinary design technology. The front Screen of the Audi is elevated very widely which gives the rich look of a high-end sedan car at the rear and front glasses with auto wiping technology and tile lamps are arranged very beautifully at the corners which draws the customers attention. The design technology and graphical designs are very catching and are not similar to that of modern designs of sedan cars it’s distinct in its own style of design features. the design of the lamp fittings are done with the great road sense features and the Q3 series of Audi is meeting all the design outstanding design requirements in the auto market.

The interior design is very premium and elegant with its own feature which resembles the features that we can find in Q5 series and Q7 Series of family of Audi Q series. The first sale of Audi Q3 series was happen in Europe country with distinct types of it’s wheel design available with number of different designs and patterns, with different diameters ranging from 16 to 19 diameter in inches in the European countries, so the same kind of wheel designs makes no sense in our Indian roads for this they are specially gone through our roads system and they are designing accordingly and appropriate to our Indian road systems which meets the Indian auto market.

The Audi Q3 series in incorporate with the Volkswagen in design aspects and some technical aspects, the design of gear box system is very impressive and the padding on provided on the base is also makes good sense. The SUV engine technology made this vehicle very aggressive in all kind of performance, efficiency measurements. This technology lifted the Q3 series Of Audi as a good competitor in the world market. The aluminum made engine providing and adding a great reliability and efficiency to the engine of Q3 series this can act as the corrosion resistant material and friction less for the SUV engine which is most importantly meets the Indian market.
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