Sunday, 15 April 2012

The New Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

This car is said to be the Ferrari’s fastest production vehicle up to date. If we could go back a little, the Ferrari 599 was said to be the fastest production car that was built by Ferrari. But the new Ferrari f12 berlinetta that was unveiled recently has replaced the former one, This year is regarded as the year of V12s.The car provides more power .In order to read and understand the Ferrari F12 it is essential to first have a deep look at the features of the 599.The 599 was unveiled about three years back, the speed of 599 was 0-100kph and the car was a six liter V12.The 599 approximately weighed about 5 tons. But now the F12 replaces its position.

A better performance can be now found in the F12 which has better features when compared to the 599, so the car is just not a simple V12 but a very extreme one with dynamic performance. The giant produces 740 hp which is a 6.43 liter one. The highest rpm it can offer is 8,700 rpm, and the estimated speed is said to be around 0-100kph in just about 3.1 s.A few spy shots of the Ferrari F12 was released a few days back which was said to have been leaked but the official videos of the car has been released by Ferrari, the amazing performance of this car will drive every Ferrari fan crazy. The car with its launch is even regarded as the one to have lapped the fiorano track which is a very famous one.599 GTO,the Enzo,the F40 are considered to be the F12′s predecessors.

The Geneva motor show is the most renowned show that displayed many new cars out of which the F12 gathered some immense attention of the viewers. The F12 has noted to have an exemplary classic design with architecture that has some fabulous set up with aluminum materials and it has acquired some amazing technologies in order to enhance the rigidity of the vehicle. It is said to be far efficient when compared to the previous cars of Ferrari. The stylish car also has an active break cooling that adds to its already existing features. It is found that the car has low-riding and found to be a little shorter. The Aerodynamic technology feature that is adopted by the car along with its light weight capacity is definitely a plus for Ferrari. There is a 30% reduction in the fuel consumption along with very less CO2 emission. It has great acceleration which is a similar feature of the F1 engines.

This car is said to be designed by the Ferrari styling center along with the Pinifarina.The car has great innovation to its name interpreting similar elements of V12 cars. A few days back the Ferrari released the online configuration for this amazing car. The car is said to have even a carbon ceramic brakes, a different electronic locking system too. The latest videos have been released on the web and are mind blowing, It is definitely a Ferrari fan’s delight. The New Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is coming your way to set records in the Ferrari history.
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