Saturday, 21 April 2012

Top 5 Secrets of Recruiters

Are you preparing for a job interview? If yes, then keep in mind that these days the hiring process are quite complicated as the recruiters who are screening , evaluating your CV and interviewing you, have several things in mind throughout the hiring process. According to Forbes contributor Learn Vest listed below are the five secrets of the hiring managers mentioned on the Forbes website, knowing which you can prepare for the interview accordingly, and can increase your chances of bagging the job offer.  

1. Hiring managers prefer to hire people who are already employed: Although unemployed people are more in need of a job, hiring managers prefer to hire professionals who are already employed, if a person is unemployed for a long period of time, hiring manager’s starts wondering why he/she is unemployed for such a long time as he/she tends to think that something may have definitely gone wrong in his/her career. So it is always advisable for you to write something down in your resume that can hide that you have remained unemployed for a long time. In order to fill the gap, opt for some educational courses or charity work which you can fill in your resume.     

2. Hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds on each resume that they receive: Remember that hiring managers are busy professionals, they receive thousands of resume throughout the day, out of which they only select a few which they find is quite suitable for the position. In order to get a call from the interviewer you should frame a resume that highlights your skill without much exaggeration, likewise your resume should be catchy without mistakes that can increase your chances for the offer.     

3. Hiring managers always look for the reason that can keep you from bagging the offer:  For a particular job opening in the organization, hiring managers receive several applications for the position, therefore they tend to look for reasons that can eliminate you from getting the job, so keep in mind that as the hiring process in today’s ultra competitive job market is quite complicated look for reference which can increase your chances of getting hired for the position. You should make contacts with professionals related to your field through professional networking sites like LinkedIn, likewise stay in touch with your college seniors, ex bosses and colleagues who can help you to land in your dream job.

4. Hiring managers tend to avoid newly married women: It is advisable to keep your wedding ring at home as some hiring managers are always in an opinion that newly married women, will start their family soon and will take long maternity leave, which is quite a permissible leave and will not let them to fire that person legally, in order to fill that employees position they will have to hire someone else, who also cannot be fired legally if the employee on maternity leave comes back. Moreover hiring managers tend to avoid such kind of a situation where they need only one person for the position instead of two.

5. Hiring managers have no hint of what they are doing: Some hiring managers are not much experienced interviewers, in spite of their attempt to be the best, keep in mind that their job is to hire a person who can work for the position for the least amount of pay. So try to impress the interviewer which can get you hired for the position. Even if he/she is not handling the hiring decision, he/she will definitely keep your resume into account and can call you next time if they have a suitable job opening for you in the organization.  

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