Sunday, 15 April 2012

2012 Ferrari FF – The Coolest Drive

Every person wants to drive a car that can make heads turn. It definitely must be a cool car. Cool cars always stay prominent on youngsters’ minds and easily catch their attention. Basically cool cars are ones that people don’t look for most of the time but still it does gain popularity. One such car that stands top among the world’s ten coolest cars is the Ferrari FF.The cost of the car is said to be $300,000 and the speed is about 0-60 mph.The car has acquired great attention from people. The FF stands for four seats and four wheel drive. The Ferrari FF is not just the first Ferrari car with four wheel drive but carries a great sports car performance with awesome versatility and extremely stunning innovative design.

Many press reports have stated that every part of Ferrari portrays innovation. It is also believed to have extreme performance on terrain with least grip coefficients. The rear wheels deliver the torque. Ferrari FF’s Trans axle architecture guaranties an Exceptional sporty driving and positions 53% of the weight to the rear end of the car. Everything is Ferrari FF is designed keeping in mind the tastes and needs of the driver, with six beautiful colors to choose from. The aniline leathers increase the natural softness of the vehicle. Coming to the fuel part, the consumption of fuel is at 15.4 liters per 100 km,with the co2 emissions being 360 g/km.This is regarded as 25 percent less when compared to the previous V12s. The torque is distributed evenly to each of the four wheels. It has a HELE which refers to the High Emotions and low Emissions Systems that has A Start and Stop technology. This is gaining prominence and fall into the category of high end cars. Magnesium is used for the seats and optimization is done.All these features have combined to produce an absolutely exceptional car .It has a weight power ratio of 2,7 kg/CV.This weight power ratio is regarded as a benchmark for similar cars of this kind. It is stated that Ferrari FF is the world’s fasted 4 seat car. One feature to be noticed here is that it has an engine with largest capacity. It has a 7 speed double clutch.

This cars have been into heavy sales in California. The car has a boot capacity of 450 litres and goes up till 800 litres.It has a total displacement that comes around 6262 cc, with a 4RM electronic control. The performance is limitless. It drives you crazy. The car has a gear with two forward gears and one reverse gear. The design is exemplary with extraordinary features as mentioned before. The Ferrari FF is one such car that many people eagerly waited for at the Geneva international motor show. It had great expectations because the Ferrari website had posted much content related to the release of the much awaited brilliant car. It is called as revolutionary automobile by many. It has amazing usability and versatility with boasting performance. Ferrari FF has something more to offer. To look and feel the performance one must buy it definitely. No doubt, why it is referred to as the coolest cars?
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