Sunday, 15 April 2012

The M-Class series of Mercedes-Benz 2012

The M-Class series of Mercedes-Benz brand powered with the genuine SUV engine technology bringing the new generation of car design with ultimate features and design to the Mercedes-Benz, which is all time high-end model car lovers .Once again the Mercedes-Benz is going to create a energetic competition in the automobile market and this time it is going to attract wide range of customers to its all new M-class series. This design technology and features made the popular Mercedes-Benz cars to step in to the Third generation of M-class series now this third generation luxurious M-Class series had been successfully launched in the European automobile market and it is expected to arrive in Indian market to create its own reputation with its sedan luxurious features in the year 2012.

All the new popular Mercedes-Benz the world’s best car designers are ready to create their own standard and own platform with M-Class series launch , and eventually the Mercedes-Benz M-Class series model and car design is going to be used for the next Second generation of models also. Before that let us see what is the new features and specialties of all the new M-Class series of Mercedes-Benz. For the basic level luxurious car lovers Mercedes-Benz , is going to offer with an all the new M-Class with three different segments of engine variations ; a starting version which is designed with 2.2-litre engine model with four-cylinder type diesel model , the second type engine with one step ahead with 3.0-litre engine model V6 type diesel model and coming to the higher end with the power of a 3.5-litre engine model and offering with V6 model supported with petrol type engine. All this three different models of engines are especially designed for the Mercedes-Benz four wheeler segment with the outstanding feature of seven gear transmission technology powered with -Tronic model gearbox made the Mercedes-Benz M-Class cars an outstanding model in the automobile market in all the countries .The capacity and efficiency of the three different types of engines are more or less similar to the engine technology currently using in the Mercedes-Benz family of E-class series of luxurious sedan cars , and making these features as the base stuff Mercedes-Benz is going to make an up graded version for these features to these existing technology and design they are planning to invent the new family of the Mercedes-Benz cars with direct injection technology for supporting petrol leaded versions later which supports diesel model sedan cars and motors on its fourth generation models later the AMG version of engine models are also available in the future automobile market .It seems the Mercedes-Benz is going to maintain upcoming couple of years with the both the both E-class and M-class series of Mercedes-Benz family.

The main attracting features of the M-Class series of Mercedes-Benz unique design of the luxurious sedan cars chassis, the design technology of the chassis it’s outstanding and very rugged an d context behind the rigid design to avoid road accidents. The M-Class series of Mercedes-Benz is very proud about their design and features which is having extremely good range of ground clearance, super suspension design extremely great wheel design. The Mercedes-Benz third generation M-Class series is powered and designed with great speed control technology with good road sense. Let us see how the M-Class series of Mercedes-Benz is going to create its impact on the Indian market.
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