Wednesday, 13 June 2012

TVS to come out with new automatic transmission

TVS Motor company have come up with a new technology which will employ an automatic transmission in their future line-up of two wheelers. TVS claims that this transmission will also give 20 per cent more fuel economy than the others in its class.
This new technology termed as "TVS Automatic Transmission" has an automatic transmission in place of the conventional CVT which changes gears through the electronic control module, automatically selecting the ratios for a particular riding condition.
This overrides the requirement of a clutch and at the same time claims to maximize the engine performance for better efficiency. The prime objective behind this technology development is to enable a compact engine layout which can be used across various product forms like step-thrus, motorcycles and scooters.
TVS to come out with new automatic transmission
Explaining the need for this technology, president of the new product development in TVS, Harne Chandrakant said, "We have developed this technology on a highly innovative vehicle layout with compact packaging and light weight construction presently with a 110cc 4-stroke engine with two independent, high precision actuators for the clutch and gear shift operations, mounted directly on the engine itself."
The improvement in engine efficiency is derived through friction reduction and multi map electronic ignition control, while transmission efficiency is boosted through the new TVS Automatic Transmission technology."

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