Monday, 25 June 2012

Plastics & Its Types

What are Plastics?
Plastics are a material that is made up mainly of macromolecules, that can be made fluid by the action of heating and pressurizing, and that can be processed into end products with any useful shape you want to make.
01-plastic products-plastic household products-Chemical-in-Plastics-to-Cause-Breast-Cancer
Classification of Plastics
Plastics can be classified into:
1. Thermoplastics and Thermo sets
2. Amorphous Thermoplastics and Crystalline Thermoplastics
3. Commodity Plastics and Engineering Plastics
Thermoplastics Vs Thermo sets
01-thermo plastics vs thermosets-difference between thermo plastics and thermosets
Thermoplastics Elastomer
• TPE – thermoplastic elastomer
• Resemble rubber at room temperature
• Can be melt-processed like other thermoplastics
• Become elastic like rubber when cooled
Amorphous Thermoplastics Vs. Crystalline Thermoplastics
01-Amorphous thermoplastics-crystalline thermoplastics
 Thermo sets Classifications
01-thermo sets-thermo sets classifications- thermo setting plastics-examples of thermo sets
Commodity Plastics Vs Engineering Plastics
01-difference between commodity plastics and engineering plastics-examples of commodity plastics, examples of engineering plastics

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