Tuesday, 8 May 2012

KTM Files Patent Application for 2WD

KTM has filed a patent for a two-wheel-drive motorcycle.

The patent, logged with Germany’s Patent Office and now on file with the European Patent Office, relates to a vehicle with a front wheel driven by an electric motor and a rear wheel that’s driven by an internal combustion engine. The starter generator is to be used for starting the internal combustion engine and for providing electric power for driving the front wheel.

In the diagram here, evidently a schematic of a KTM Adventure model:

#1 pertains to the motorcycle
#2 shows the front wheel
#3 shows the rear wheel
#4 shows the internal combustion engine
#5 shows the fork
#6 shows the seat
#7 shows the handlebar
#8 shows the exhaust system
#9 shows the front brake disc
#11 and #18 show the wheel hub engine
#12 shows the tire
#13 shows the energy storage system
#14 shows the battery
#15 shows the condenser
#16 shows the starter generator
#17 shows the controller
#19 shows the drive chain

You’ll recall Yamaha, together with Öhlins, began working on a two-wheel-drive system in 1998. The system made it into limited production on a Euro-only model called the WR450F 2-Trac.

In the U.S., Christini Technologies of Philadelphia also offers a two-wheel-drive system. Christini's patented mechanical drive system delivers power from the motorcycle transmission to the front wheel through a series of chains and shafts.

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