Friday, 4 May 2012

The Basics of ATVs and Offroading

Learn about the basics of ATVs and Off Roading. How and where to get started riding, the different types of ATVs and what they're used for.
  1. Beginner ATVs and Offroading
  2. Riding / Driving Tips
  3. Joining Groups or Clubs
  1. Checklists for ATVs and Offroading Trips
  2. How to Buy or Sell an ATV or 4x4
  3. Off-Road Courses & Safety Training

Beginner ATVs and Offroading

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If you're new to ATVs and Offroading this is a great place to get all kinds of tips and tricks related to the sport. Find out where to buy a new or used off-highway vehicle (OHV) or what basic equipment you need or where you can ride. There is trail info, training and age requirements.
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Riding / Driving Tips

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Tips for driving and riding ATVs. Safety equipment can only do so much. For added safety you should always practice safe riding habits and develop good, safe riding techniques. When you ride you should always consider safety. A second of distraction can cause a lifetime of change.

Joining Groups or Clubs

There are hundreds of offroading clubs and groups you can join, evertying from local clubs for 4x4s or to national clubs for jeeps or rhinos. Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people and get involved in group events, rides, clean ups and trail maintenance activities to help protect our ability to offroad.

Checklists for ATVs and Offroading Trips

Emergency Kit for an ATV
Before you go out in your OHV there are several important things you need to do to ensure not only a safe trip but also a plan in case things don't go the way you intended.

How to Buy or Sell an ATV or 4x4

Sport ATV. Notice the small size and long-travel suspension.
Tips for buying new or used ATVs and 4x4s. Also get general advice on how to purchase a new or used offroad vehicle and reasons to own an offroad vehicle.

Off-Road Courses & Safety Training

ASI Instructor with 6 Year Old Student and ATV
Want to learn more about 4x4's? Want to improve your off-road driving skills? Just bring your vehicle with a full tank of gas, and you will learn in a day what it takes many people years to learn on their own. Multi-day courses are also available from many of these professional instructors, making it easy to turn your 4WD training into an off road vacation!

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