Thursday, 17 May 2012

INTERNSHIPS-gives you an edge when you start working on your first job.

Internships help you gain a good professional network, develop the right skills for your job, experiment different avenues before you find the area you are passionate about. Internships also help you in multiple ways when you start working fulltime.
Whether you work in the same company where you did your internship in, or work in a different organization after your internship – the skills you developed during your internship will definitely help you catapult your professional career. Read on to understand how an internship gives you an edge when you start working on your first job.
1. Sneak-peak into the professional world
The transition from college to corporate comes with a 180 degree change in the environment that you are used to in college. Being in the corporate environment as an intern and understanding its dynamics give you an edge during your first job. You will spend lesser time settling in and will start delivering much faster than the peers who join in fresh out of college. 

2. Learn importance of planning, time management, networking etc.
Internships give you real-time experience in planning your work, managing your time effectively, setting the right goals, asking the right questions and networking with professionals. Translating these experiences into your job will project you as a professional right from your early days in the company.
3. Honed communication skills
Having the right communication skills is very important to succeed in a professional environment and fresh graduates often lack the skills to live up to the expectation of the companies. With your prior experience as an intern, you would appear as a well-groomed employee and your communication skills and interpersonal skills will help you make a mark very early on in your job.
4. Hands on domain experience  
If your first job is relevant to the internship that you have done, you are at a great advantage. You have a fair understanding of the domain and would have networked with professionals in that field. Your hands on knowledge on the domain of your work will give you instant brownie points.
5. The ‘DO’er tag
 'When I was interning in this company.. ‘ could be an awesome conversation starter. Your colleagues would appreciate your drive to do an internship and gain prior experience before your job. Your will definitely be appreciated for having been the ‘DO’er in your team and get instant recognition from your colleagues.

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