Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Design Inspiration of the XUV500

The new norm in form
A beautiful automobile is one that evokes speed when standing still and one that triggers emotions when seen in action. Admit it. The XUV500 has the ability to turn heads. With its powerful build and feline grace, the cheetah-inspired XUV500 emerged from a careful study of the African wildcat of the same name.
The cheetah is the fastest animal on land, but that is not all. It is also an exceptional study in agility and balance. A study that we took to heart. And anyone who appreciates good design will see that we stuck to the initial inspiration, as the project progressed from the drawing board till it became a glass-n-metal wonder.
The Best SUV


A good design is nothing without attention to detail. While the aggression of the cheetah continues on the front end, it is the details that leave a lasting impression.
Observe the XUV500 up close and you will notice the slash-cut fog lamps, the paw-inspired door handles and the unique tattoos on the tail lamps - all of which speak volumes of individuality. The four-pack tail lamp units achieve a bejeweled look at the rear of the XUV500.
Bold curves and straight lines dominate the waistline, which tends to define the SUV stance. The aggressive front grille blends state-of-the-art aerodynamics with a large dose of inimitable character.

Luxury SUV 
Compact SUV


Cool and soothing ambient lighting, comfortable sofa seating, the aroma of rich leather and quality textures make up modern day lounges. Ditto with the XUV500 interiors. The centre console apes a cascading waterfall, and the instrument binnacle offers the driver all the information ever needed. A great deal of work went into making an acoustically correct cabin. After all what is a neat lounge without some quality music!
Of course, the XUV500 evolved further once the design was frozen. Now began the test of time – the new machine had to look contemporary as well as future-proof, when it finally launched.
The design team can breathe easy – the world has fallen in love with the well-formed, crisp and bold design that speaks the language of clarity.

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