Friday, 5 October 2012

2013 BMW R 1200 GS Looks Awesome

BMW seems to celebrate the 9th production year for the R 1200 GS model. The 2013 beast brings together the best the German manufacturer has to offer at the present time, all in a good-looking package which promises extraordinary fun and solid performance.

The next year's R 1200 GS brings a heap of new stuff, from the minute modifications to the major ones. For starters, we should note that the engine has been redesigned: the same opposed-boxer unit, but with a vertical coolant (glycol-water instead of oil) flow-through channel system and integrated gearbox. Already raised an eyebrow, huh?

Well, hang on, for there's so much more! The cardan shaft is now on the left side, so we're already looking at a different bike. The 2013 R 1200 GS blasts 15 bhp more than its one year-old father and now reaches 125 bhp @ 7700 rpm.

Enter the anti-hopping 6-gear wet clutch as opposed to the dry clutch used so far! And with less weight, things sound even better: the new R 1200 GS weighs now 525 lbs (~237kg) dry. And since the new big GS is not meant only for Mongolia, you get no less than 5 riding modes: "Rain", "Road", "Dynamic", "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro". Each mode comes with its own electronic throttle actuator and dynamic update for the ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and ABS.

The rear disc is now 11 mm wider, with a diameter of 276mm, while the ABS is stock. LED lights with daytime function are also present, like are the adjustable windshield and seat. Semiactive suspension is also standard. One thing will make enduro riders not so happy: the 19-inch front wheel. No matter who would claim the contrary, 21" front wheels are the classic way to go for enduro bikes and it would be little surprise when some potential clients will look into other bikes.

The specs above have been announced for the European market, with prospects of slight differences for the US . Pricing is still yet to be announced.
2013 BMW R 1200 GS in red

A new dashboard for BMW R 1200 GS in 2013
The 2013 R BMW 1200 GS exhaust looks sportyLED Headlights for 2013 BMW R 1200 GS Lots of functions at your fingertipsThe new 2013 BMW R 1200 GS engineThe 2013 BMW R 1200 GS comes with glycol-water cooling and vertical flow-throughBlue version of 2013 BMW R 1200 GS

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